"Our music is inspired by the rich history and traditions of bluegrass, acoustic, swing, and roots music."
Introducing UnderBrush, the dynamic acoustic trio that's redefining the boundaries of traditional bluegrass music. With a lineup consisting of a double bass, guitar, and mandolin, their sonic landscape is both rich and vibrant. At the forefront of their ensemble is Angel Chantel, whose haunting vocals captivate listeners while her melodic bass playing adds depth, dimension, and timing to their sound. On guitar, Ivan Skenes infuses the band’s performances with a creative tone, weaving intricate melodies that resonate with authenticity. Vas Barsaleau on mandolin, holds down a driving rhythm and infectious energy, solidifying the trio's distinctive and compelling bluegrass sound.  Their music is a tapestry of styles, each thread carefully woven together to create an auditory experience that's as intricate as it is energetic.

With a passion for pushing musical boundaries and a commitment to delivering unforgettable live experiences, UnderBrush is a band on the rise, poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of acoustic music. So, come join the journey and let UnderBrush sweep you away with their spellbinding melodies and infectious energy.


Angel Chantel - Vocals / Bass

Srivas (Vas) Barsaleau - Mandolin / Vox

Ivan Skenes - Guitar / Vox

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